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In recent years, alloy wheels have come to be the essential fashion accessory for just about any modern car. Alloy wheels bring extra definition to an automobile, their exceptional performance as well as eye-catching structure distinguishing them from conventional wheels.

What happens, though, if you damage the alloys on your car? Alloy wheels can become destroyed easily and might be prohibitively expensive to replace. In fact, some alloys are so technical, that replacement actually isn’t an option. That’s why repair is the most effective solution for damaged alloys.

It is normal for alloy wheels to become damaged after several years of use and also driving. Changing your alloy wheels can be very costly. With our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service you can obtain alloy wheels that look and feel like new.

Alloy Wheel Repair At Home
alloy wheels being processed for customer in Didsbury

Didsbury mobile diamond cut wheel repairs

Whether you are looking to bring in value to your car, change its appearance or you simply need to repair unexpected damage, alloy wheel refurbishment is the affordable way to enhance the appearance and also safety of your car.

We use a range of repair techniques to bring back your alloys to showroom condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing your wheels.

If your wheels are looking scuffed or tired looking, this can completely spoil the appearance of your car. Similarly, if they’re clean and sparkling wheels, they will definitely improve your vehicles appearance as well as value hugely.

We offer an expert alloy wheel repair service and also refurbishment service that's renowned throughout Didsbury and beyond.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is the process of fixing any damages or reviving the colour and finish of your alloy wheels.

Your alloy wheels are one of the most vulnerable parts of the car and can suffer severe damages. Driving on badly surfaced roads with potholes or having under-inflated tyres doubles up the chances for the alloys to become damaged. Likewise, your alloy wheel can become scratched by hitting against the kerb as well as pavement while you are parking. The Alloy wheel repair process can bring wheels back to their original condition and is more affordable than buying new alloy wheels.

Sometimes, the alloy wheels may simply need a little bit of vitality as well as a fresh look or perhaps an extreme makeover. In that case, alloy wheel repair can be utilised to change the colour of the wheels and develop a surface that would be durable and also seal your wheels against any damages, cracks or scratches.

We are a Didsbury based mobile alloy wheel repair service business specialising in high quality alloy wheel repairs and also refurbishment. We offer expert mobile alloy wheel repair service and also refurbishment solutions throughout the Greater Manchester

We are the areas finest wheel repair business. We have actually served several years to develop our city credibility, a loyal clientele and to do so we constantly strive to produce high quality finishes, repairs and also wheel refurbishments.

Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester Mobile Service Van

Our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service will take all of your scuffed or tarnished alloy wheels and bring them back to showroom condition. Leaving you with a saleable car as well as greater profits.

Newly refurbished alloy wheel

We offer a completely customised bespoke alloy wheel repair service to help you sell your car. What ever it is you want to do with your alloy wheels, ensure a durable high quality finish by selecting our professionals to do it for you.

alloys being processed for customer in Greater Manchester

We are going to see your chosen area in our high tech mobile wheel repair refurbishment vans, no matter where you are and treat your car as if it’s our own, while it‘s in our care. Your alloy wheels will definitely be reconditioned and also repaired to last as well, there will be no paint flaking, runs or orange peel finishes with our job.

wheel colour matching
Original Colour Matching

We can match the genuine colour of your wheel giving your car the appearance the manufacturer intended.

wheel colour changes
Wheel Colour Change

Switching the colour of your wheels can change the appearance of your car. We can provide the colour of your choice in the finish that you desire.

kerb and scuff damage repair service
Kerb & Scuff Damage

Damage caused by rubbing against kerbs dramatically influences the appearance of not only your wheel but your whole car. Nearly all damages can be removed using our refurbishment and repair process.

Pothole Damage

Damage caused by potholes and badly maintained roads is all too common nowadays. We have the professional tools as well as know how to securely repair nearly all damages from bent rims to cracked wheels.

Corroded Wheels

Corrosion like kerbing can totally ruin the appearance of your wheels as well as car. Our repair process not only eliminates the corrosion but will also protect against reacurrence.

polished alloy wheel
Polished Alloys

Polished alloy wheels are unfortunately vulnerable to deterioration and can spoil the entire look of a car when damaged or deteriorated. We can restore polished wheels back to their former splendor with a lot of minor repairs able to be carried out in 1 day with our mobile service.

Leaking Alloy Rim Repair

Air pressure loss from corroded or damaged rims is more than just an inconvenience. Under inflated tyres have an effect on fuel usage, damage the tyres themselves plus can be dangerous in specific driving conditions. We can repair the wheel for you saving you cost and also keeping you safe.

Lease Car Returns

The standard for lease/hire car end of term does not allow damages totalling more than 50 mm on any wheel at time of return. We can save you a ton of money by fixing the damages at a fraction of the expense before you hand the car back and being charged by the lease business or primary dealer.

12 Month Paint Guarantee

We only use the very best products available for your alloy wheel repairs.We are so confident in the quality of our materials that we will warranty the finish of our repairs for year This does not cover against any damage made to the paint job by impact of any sort

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs Experts Didsbury - Diamond Cut Renovation

The wheels on most cars are made from either steel or a metallic alloy. The alloy is normally aluminium based, up to 98%, with the remainder composed of metals such as magnesium, nickel, zinc, chromium, copper, iron as well as titanium in different proportions. Alloy wheels are either cast or forged, and are lighter than steel wheels. Forged alloy wheels tend to be more resilient than cast ones.

Alloy wheel repair covers numerous processes. We offer wet spraying, which can facilitate a total colour change, or where there is extreme damages to the wheel it can take it back to its original finish. Likewise, if damage to the wheel is widespread, and covering up parts of it, then complete repair is normally the only option.

Refurbishing the entire wheel requires professional tools to get rid of corrosion as well as old coverings, and also to repair damages. Expert ovens are also called for in the repair process, making the entire procedure one that is usually beyond the abilities of the DIY enthusiast. When an alloy wheel has been fully stripped down, a new finish can be applied, which will definitely be extremely durable and will look spectacular.

For diamond cut wheels we provide SMART repair refurbishment, which treats localised areas of damage. This is usually utilised where the damages is not substantial or covering a huge area.

Make your alloys look like new again.

There are a number of reasons why someone in Didsbury may need alloy wheel repair. The original finish might be looking a little bit jaded and in need of freshening up, or there might be damages to several of the car’s wheels.

Alloy wheels are more pricey than steel wheels, so it is often the case that it is much more affordable to repair or refurbish an alloy wheel than to buy a new replacement. This is usually the case even when an alloy wheel is bent out of shape. Alloy is infamously tough to work with compared to steel, but a repair or refurbishment can still be a less expensive option than replacing the wheel.

Alloy wheels can also suffer from galvanic corrosion. If the corrosion is not dealt with effectively and in good time through appropriate wheel repair, it is possible that the wheel will definitely begin to lose air pressure via leaking air. Contact us for a free quote today.

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